Glow Moisturizer

Introducing GLOW Organic Coconut Oil Moisturizer!

Glow Moisturizer was created with your skins health in mind! Here is how it all Started!

My name is Safiya and Im the CEO and Founder of Glow Moisturizer!

I want to take this amazing opportunity to tell you all about my journey with developing Glow Moisturizer and tell you how it all started, where we've been and how we finally ended up here.

It all started one day when my brother came to me complaining about excessive dandruff and dry itchy scalp.

I explained to him that I had recently made my own Do It Yourself Coconut Oil and Eucalyptus Essential Oil for dry scalp as a face and skin moisturizer and finally convinced him to give it a try. After applying the mixture, he started to get instant relief. The itching was gone and Minu was smiling and happy again. His only complaint was that it had a terrible odor.

However, the benefits were incredible. I went on to tell my brother that Coconut oil is nothing like petroleum and won't clog your pores and is easily absorbed. Also, it's perfect for a hair moisturizer, scalp treatment, to moisturize and soften your skin, to make it more hydrated and appear younger. Also, it's great to use as a makeup remover, a wrinkle reducing cream, and it also contains Lauric Acid, which is great for fighting off fungal infections.

He finally said, Why don't you make something different that we couldn’t find in stores like coconut oil that has a great smell? Those were the magic words that peaked my interest and that was the day that Glow Moisturizer came to life.

I started ordering new products to improve the smell and also started doing experiments to make the texture smoother, light, and fluffier. Now the product was officially ready to be displayed to the world. I started giving away samples to friends and family and was blown away with the great responses. A good friend of mine started using it on her daughter who suffered from severe eczema. After a few uses she said her daughters skin was healing on its own and there was visible improvement, and it left her with smoother more hydrated skin.

I'm booked every week for parties!


Enjoy Your New Glow!