Glow Moisturizer



Organic Beauty Products Made for the Entire Family


A mom-preneur named Safiya Morgan launched Glow All Natural Products to highlight the importance of using safe yet versatile beauty products.




United States - February 8 2016: Due to the inadequacy of organic beauty products currently on the market today, Safiya Morgan, a mother of three and busy mom-preneur, decided to launch her own company entitled Glow All Natural Products.


Established in 2013 and based out of Irving, Texas, Glow All Natural Products has quickly made an unprecedented name for itself within the organic beauty products industry. The company currently has nearly 8,000 likes on their Facebook page.


The Glow All Natural Products brand is well-known for it’s Organic Coconut Oil Moisturizers, which are made from cold pressed essential oils and shea butter. Available in three different scents, Vanilla Fusion, Lavender Lush and Peppermint, the moisturizer contains therapeutic properties which aid in decreasing anxiety, handling stress and increasing natural energy.


“The Organic Coconut Oil Moisturizers are an essential item in our household.” explains Safiya Morgan, the Founder of Glow All Natural Products. “When used as a daily moisturizer, these can help reduce wrinkles, decrease stretch marks and heal dry skin. They can even be used as a sunburn relief, make-up remover or sleep aid for children.”


Besides offering unique moisturizers made from cold pressed essential oils, the Glow All Natural Products lineup also includes lip glosses and dry brushes. Safiya Morgan enjoys conducting private beauty parties, where she demonstrates how to use each product and effectively dry brush skin.


To find out more information about her organic beauty products or to contact Safiya Morgan directly, visit the website at