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Glow is awesome! It has been great on my super dry feet. The smell of the vanilla is absolutely delicious and the lavender is just pure bliss! The products are even better because they are all natural. Please make more products!

Sarah, NY

I just received my gift today from Glow Moisturizer and these oils were amazing . I just loved all of them but my best one was peppermint

Dounia, IL

I have psoriasis, during flare ups I get these cuts on my hands that really hurt. I started using this moisturizer on my face and unknowingly my cuts started to heal. This product is amazing!!

Mariya, MI

I love it! My favorite is their Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Sweeta, MI

Love love love!

Noor, TX

Fantastic product! I love the fact this contains only a few ingredients and is completely natural and organic as opposed to the bath and body works I apply. I can see the difference in dry spots within days, it can be used anywhere including the hair (I can sleep at night without worrying about oil grease like Indian products), and a little bit goes a long way. Body and face brushes they sell are a nice pampering tool too, they work great and you feel great too!

Farah, TX

I love this product! Nothing has ever moisturizer like this!

Farah, CA

I looooooove Glow Moisturizer. It is a thing of stunning beauty and a concoction of exotic fragrances. It has a nice, whipped consistency and when you put it on your face, you feel all your thirsty, dehydrated skin cells let out a collective sigh of relief and plump up with moisture and dewy radiance. It truly is a work of ingenuity. I'm forever your loyal customer, Safiya May GOD give your business blessings and make it a source of great sustenance for you and a source of many blessings for your customers. Hafiza, CA A product which I can use everyday all the time . No side effects . I use it all the time . Love it.

Annie, MI

Amaaaaaaazing product. So universal. I use it for hair styling. Eczema healing. Nails and ofcourse for my sunburns and body 🙂 very satisfied with it.

Maheen, MI

I am very picky with what I use on myself and my children, but I love love love this product! My kids love it too. It smells fresh and clean. And I use it for my face, body and hair. My favorite, lavender lush. I hope glow will only grow to become more than what It is now... I also love the fact of supporting small and local business owners.

Mona, TX

I'm totally in love with glow moisturizer Lavender is my favorite!

Nora, TX

Love this natural product! It has restored the shine and volume to my hair! After trying a variety of other products which promise the same and don't deliver this glow moisturizer works great and delivers ! Protects from dandruff, dry skin, and is so multifunctional! This is my new go to fave!!!!

Sana, TX

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