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Although there is very little I know about entrepreneurship, there are somethings that are really crucial to a startup. When I first started my business I could tell that the road ahead was unclear and dark at some points. At that time I was juggling A LOT of things in life. I was a mother of three wonderful kids, a wife and a stay at home mom. You might be thinking, how did you get anything done, and where did you hold your business meetings? Yes sometimes I held a business meeting in a walk in closet hoping that the person on the other line didn’t hear the kids playing in the background so it could seem like I was in my high rise office downtown. All of this was a very impractical approach and actually brought some really doubtful feelings when I felt I wouldn’t able to deliver. Some things I would suggest for a start up that are practical and relevant are listed here.  Just these few things could change the way you do business.

  • Identify what you are before your business

If you are a newly wed, mom, or daughter know your limitations as to what you are able to accomplish. If you run through life and leave the important things behind you won’t be efficient at your work and by default you will not be efficient at life. For instance, a momprenuer who still has itty bitty cute kids at home should take a step back and say, today I might not be able to do anything for my business until 10pm and I’m ok with that. Unless your business is your main source of income don’t worry too much about sales. It reflects on your marketing, your potential customers will only see sales pitches and no relevant content. This will make the potential customers stand off-ish and stop following you on social media or unsubscribe to your emails.  So identify your limitations and more importantly accept them.

  • To be successful you have to live success

Kick the old habits that hold you back! Get into a routine and try your best to have a modified schedule that will work with your life style. Get into health awareness and do things that bring api your energy so you don’t have to drink 10 cups of coffee a day just to accomplish one thing, you may have heard this before but successful people usually have great health. Start an exercise routine that is attainable and doable. A great day for me looks like this:

  1. Wake up earlier than usual
  2. Get kids situated and off to school
  3. Clean the house
  4. Peek at what is for dinner so there is no worry throughout the day
  5. Go for a 30 minute run
  6. Start working on business goals for that day and planning
  7. Schedule meetings for the week and fulfill any orders

By this time it is only 9:30am! How many of us can say we can accomplish 5 things before 9:30am, oh and don’t forget coffee.

  • Have goals in different time frames

One of the most helpful things for your business is to take some time out to plan out the whole year, in that plan have a monthly goal, then a weekly goal. I would not suggest doing daily goals because they only bring sadness and disappointment when you can’t reach them. And lets be honest our lifestyles as moms and wives are imbalanced because of outside factors, making us more inconsistent than people without these challenges. so set those goals according to you and your lifestyle, you are the only one that can know what that is.

  • Read your environment 

If you need to go to a coffee shop or hotel lobby to focus, try getting some time for that. Working at home while running your business can be very distracting. We are tied all day to the things that need to be done around the house and it will constantly bother us until it is out of site out of mind. Get out and get things done, sometimes it just feels good to get dressed and get ready and go outside of the house. It mimics the way people go out to work making you more efficient at getting things and not to mention way more productive. Also on a side note try to put away cell phones and other devices that may waste your time, this is key to getting anything done.

  • Make sure you have family support

If you are trying to uphold a business and a household your husband is your best partner. Once he understands this is  a passion of yours and it makes you happy he will gladly oblige to helping out when you have a big project or you just need that extra 30 minutes to write your blog post, fulfill orders, or just sit and think about the next few weeks. Calendars that are shared with the family are also very helpful in this regard.

I hope these advices helped you in your venture to success and please don’t forget to like us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter🙂






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