4 Unexpected Benefits Of Keto

Found this awesome BLOG POST by the Ketovangelist on some of the unexpected benefits that you will notice after doing the ketogenic diet.

A few things that I myself noticed almost right away was mental clarity. There was this all of a sudden lift of the brain fog that I have carried around for years. I also noticed I could play sports for much longer and not only did I get a second wind, I got a third and forth wind as well.

When you eat the keto diet your energy levels surge and you will notice a  huge difference right away! I used to have trouble going regularly to the bathroom,  and I feet like all the fat I was ingesting served as a lubricant for my sticky bowels. I know it sounds gross but it can really make you want to do a cartwheel!

Let me know if you would like more blog posts about the Keto way of eating, and I will gladly share what I come across.

Just to name 4 of my own newly discovered benefits:

Mental Clarity


No More FOG! I used to wake up every morning with very little energy, a hungry belly and the mood of a hungry bear. My husband would nitice that I wasn’t a morning person at all, well Im still not 100% there but I have noticed that I’m much more productive in the first 1.5 hours after waking than I was before. I used to wait at least 2 hours after ther coffee kicked in to start my day, now it starts when my eyes open.

High Energy Levels


Leading a volleyball team for 1 year really helped me guage my energy levels. I remember playing for one hour then wanting to quit becasue I was just drained. But after doing Keto for about 4 months I noticed the running was so easy and I would feel so light. Probably because I lost 20lbs but thats a whole different story.

Drinking less coffee


I was the 3 cups minimum type of person, now I an just have my bullet coffee in the morning packed full of fat and be on with the day. My Bullet Coffee Recipe, 1tbs coconut oil, 1 tbs butter (grassfed, organic is best) and 4 tbs heavy cream w 0g carbs. This cream is hard to find but it does exist. Oh and last but not least some strong coffee.


Healthier looking skin


I used to suffer from acne, rosacea, and scaring from my skin not being able to rejuvenate itself from it not having enough nutrients. After starting Keto, I was going to the bathroom more regularly so I felt like the toxins were leaving my body and my face and back. After a while I would wear less and less make up and I noticed a huge difference in my overall skin tone and color. Someone once came up to m and said, wow this diet is really good for you, you look ten years younger! I didnt really know how to take that, was I that bad before? But it felt good to look good, feel good and eat the most delicious foods on the planet!

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Have a ketotastic day!



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